About Us

Welcome to shifteasy

We are a rapidly growing platform which provides a seamless packing and moving experience to our customers. Relocation industry is plagued by a lot of fraud companies which causes high customer dissatisfaction. We have created a transparent and trustworthy system to ensure that one of the most tedious tasks of shifting a home becomes as easy as buying a toothpaste.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted relocation service provider in India.

Our Mission

With a growing relocation market where people switch jobs very often we want to simplify and empower people to make their home shifting more organized and seamless at affordable prices.

Our Motto

DELIVER BETTER SAVE MORE. Delivering a better service comes 1st for us but we do save a lot of money in the process.

Design-iterate- Execute

We believe in doing effective and hard work. Our core values are analyze, simplify and execute. We are a group of ambitious and fun-loving people and the only thing that matches the enthusiasm of our employees is the audacity of what we do. While we don’t sweat the small stuff, we don’t compromise on quality either.


Little interactions which makes a user smile, and solving real life problems - our days are filled with such adventures. We believe in shipping fast and with a 10x quality than existing solutions.


The most pumped up, aggressive team on the floor. We bring in the money by talking to our customers, understanding their needs. We work with all other departments.


We believe in creating 2X better processes to ensure that there is right level of information flow across our partners, customers and team. We execute fast, analyze more often and then a lways try to automate things for the long run.
Interested in joining our team? Drop your resume at career@shifteasy.in and we'll get in touch with you.